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Dentists and the Various Dental Procedures They Perform The duties of medical practitioners vary greatly. The variance in the duties of these practitioners is what separates one medical field from another. Briefly, we will look at the field of the dentists and what they do that really sets them apart from other medical practitioners. We will endeavor to explore in depth roles of a dentist so that we can clearly understand their area of specialty. Firstly, a dentist has his expertise in the area of dental matters. Dentists are known to possess the required experience in diagnosing dental problems and are thus capable of offering the required remedies. Any medical problem that concerns the teeth of the patient is termed as a dental problem. Owing to this, therefore, the dental arena is also confined to the precincts of tooth related matters of a patient. To serve the needs of the patients exhaustively, is paramount that dental experts stick to their specialty. Dental experts can conduct a wide range of medical processes on patients. All these procedures aim at rectifying deformities, restoring the facial appearances of people who have lost their teeth as well as eliminating pains associated with bad teeth. The most commonly carried out dental procedure is root extraction. This process entails completely removing a bad tooth from the jaw of the patient. A bad tooth can be as a result of unchecked cavities or injuries. Normally, bad teeth do not heal on their own and as a result of this it is recommended that they are removed through this procedure.
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The other common dental procedure is tooth transplant. This procedure, unlike the tooth removal procedure, is usually done for aesthetic value. The process entails bringing in an artificial tooth to fill in the space left by the extracted tooth. In normal circumstances, a patient could do without having to replace the removed tooth. However, in scenarios where the beauty of a patient is at stake owing to a removed tooth, tooth transplant is the procedure to be conducted on the patient. In this way, the patient is emboldened in their looks and are able to lead a normal life just like before they lost their teeth.
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Cavity filling is another dental process that dentists can carry out. This procedure is done to stop the cavity from spreading further in the tooth structure. Special cavity-stopping substance is usually stuffed into the existing cavity to restore the tooth appearance. It is important that the affected tooth is thoroughly cleaned before this procedure is conducted in order to prevent secondary infections. Once this procedure is done, It is required that the patient should turn up for regular checkups with the dentist to ensure that there are no further complications.